Switching from Netbeans to Sublime Text

Published -  2013-02-16

Like some others I’am currently in a phase of switching from Netbeans to Sublime Text.

My reasons for the switch are:

the Speed, Sublime Text is much faster than Netbeans (in Sublime3 it is even faster) the font rendering, after using Sublime Text for a while I realized netbeans (java?) font rendering is not very good – even if I use the same font in both in Netbeans the font does not look as clear and sharp like in Sublime Text (on my 13″ Macbook Air) Netbeans is not so cool like Sublime Text :-) (NB is more like a Veteran for me)

Don’t understand me wrong, Netbeans is still (and in Version 7.x even more) a great IDE to Develop Webapplikations. The Indexing feature of NB is one thing I am really missing in Sublime.

Note: My usecase for a IDE is more to work on one, not too large, project (Webapps with PHP).